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Proglide High Performance Sliding Door

The ProGlide range has been designed with Australia’s unique architecture and climate in mind. The door allows architects and designers the freedom to achieve large expansive openings without the need to compromise on performance or aesthetics. Specifying the ProGlide range ensures the client receives a solid, durable, high performance product. Designed by an Australian company to meet the extremes of the Australian environment, the ProGlide range is the first choice amongst architects, builders, homeowners and fabricators when performance and quality matter.

Key Features:

  • High water performance sill options
  • Large sliding panels, ideal for housing, apartment and commercial applications
  • Inside or outside sliding panels, allowing multiple panel designs
  • Allows up to 4 panels stacking in each direction
  • Heavy duty interlocks for high wind load requirements
  • Accepts up to 13.52mm single glazed and up to 28mm double glazing units, allowing the designer to achieve the most demanding thermal and acoustic specifications
  • 90 degree post free corner option
  • Heavy duty rollers up to 200kg per panel

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